Development Economics Dual Degree Masters 2022/2023 from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Scholarships for Development Economics Dual Degree Masters 2022/2023 from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): The University of Göttingen awards 7-8 scholarships to students from underdeveloped countries each year through the DAAD program.

The DAAD Development Economics Award is sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The DAAD (supported by the BMZ – Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) fosters the training of specialists from developing and newly industrialized nations through development-oriented postgraduate study programs. Local experts who are well-trained and connected to foreign partners play a vital role in their countries’ long-term development. They are the best hope for a brighter future for everyone, with less poverty, more education, and better health.

The deadline for applications is November 15, 2021.


Master’s level


* A Bachelor’s degree in Economics or a closely related field with at least 180 ECTS credits and a term of study of at least 6 semesters in duration.

* At the time of application, at least 150 of the 180 ECTS credits must be verified (83 percent of your overall credits for programmes with any other structure)

* Academic achievement in Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Econometrics totaling at least 60 ECTS credits (as measured for a 180 ECTS bachelor’s program; for other program types, at least one third of overall courses taken), including courses in Economic Theory,

*Agricultural Economics, and Development Economics totaling at least 30 ECTS credits (or one sixth).

* In order to meet the minimum of 30 ECTS course requirements in Economic Theory, Agricultural Economics, and Development Economics, you must take at least 18 ECTS from the following courses:* Modules of an intermediate or high scientific level must account for at least 18 ECTS. Course content must obviously move beyond introductory or basic topics to be rated intermediate or advanced.

*Academic achievement in Mathematics, Statistics, or Econometrics totaling at least 12 ECTS credits (in addition to the courses possibly counted above) (or 7 percent of overall credits for other structures).


For DAAD Development Economics Scholarships, proof of relevant language skills is required.

* English

* See “Required application documents” for a list of approved language certificates.

* Please keep in mind that they can only accept one of the above certifications, and that your proof of language proficiency must be sent either with the rest of your application materials or within the application deadline if provided separately. Only applies to the summer semester of 2022,


You have until one month following the start of the summer semester 2022 to turn in your English language certificate. Lectures are expected to begin in April. Our semester dates can be found here. If the language certificate is not presented by the deadline, the student will be expelled from the program immediately.


* The documents attached to the application are used to determine the relevance of past investigations. If not already clear from your transcript of records, please supply papers that verify special knowledge for the selected course of study (for example, syllabi or course descriptions). This does not apply to Bachelor degree holders from the University of Göttingen’s Faculty of Business and Economics. Please do not include letters of recommendation unless they are required as part of an EPOS scholarship application. They won’t be assessed.


Applicants are pre-selected based on their written application documents, followed by a personal selection interview with some of them.

The following factors are considered during the pre-selection process:

* the bachelor’s degree’s final grade (or the comparable university degree)

* strong knowledge of economic theory proved by a matching specialization and performance in the program on which the application is based

* CV and letter of motivation (proof of specific interest in development field)

If they haven’t previously been accepted based on their application materials alone, suitable candidates may be invited to a selection interview.

*In the event of overseas applicants, the interview will be conducted via Skype.

Developing countries are eligible to participate.

Germany, South Africa are the countries where the test will be taken.

Approximately 7-8 scholarships will be awarded.


The DAAD Development Economics Award is worth: Monthly payments of €750 are made as part of the scholarship.


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