Scholarships for ENS International Selection 2022/2023

Scholarships for ENS International Selection 2022/2023

Each year, the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) holds an international selection to allow the most promising international students, either in Science or Arts and Humanities, to pursue a Masters Degree at the University.

École Normale Supérieure in Paris, France is the host institution.

Level/Field(s) of Study

Master’s Degree in Science or Arts & Humanities from ENS (or one of ENS’ partner universities).

Scholarships are available for ten jobs in the sciences and ten places in the arts and humanities.

International students are the target audience.


Master’s Degree from École Normale Supérieure

The deadline is December 9th and 12th, 2021. (annual)

France is a great place to study.

The program will begin in September 2022.


1,000 Euros per month for three years, with a room on one of the ENS campuses.


*Candidates must be under the age of 26 at the time of application (must not have turned 26)

* Candidates must have never applied to the International Selection before.

• Neither during the academic year of the selection (September 1st – August 31st) nor the previous year, candidates must have spent more than 10 months in France.

• Candidates must demonstrate that they completed at least one year of undergraduate studies at a foreign university (outside of France) in the calendar year preceding the application deadline.

• On the 1st of September following acceptance, candidates must justify at least two years of undergraduate study at a foreign university (outside of France).

The Director of ENS, as an exception, may approve the application of an applicant whose academic credentials are in jeopardy.


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