the Siemens MBA Scholarship

For MBA students, the Siemens MBA Scholarship is a competitive scholarship. The prize covers approximately 80% of the ICM MBA program’s tuition fee.


For the MBA program, you must meet all of the requirements. This article contains a complete list of criteria.

*Personal qualities

*Leadership qualities

*You want to make a positive difference in society

*You want to explore your environment for business/management opportunities and resources

*Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are important to you

*The ICM MBA is important for your career

*You can show that an MBA degree is required to advance your career and knowledge.


* You are in a financial situation where the program’s tuition is a major financial burden

*You can demonstrate your need for the Scholarship (for example, due to previous work experiences or personal circumstances)


The scholarship covers a portion of the MBA program’s tuition fees. This does not include any living, travel, or other expenses. A maximum of £15,000 is available to students. The remaining cost of the MBA program is estimated to be roughly £3000, which can be paid in ten monthly payments of GBP 300 each


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